CRFF - High Noon Highlights(10/23): More on Matthew Wolff’s strange swing

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Feb 17, 2018
Photo by Seung-il Ryu/NurPhoto via Getty Images
Welcome to High Noon Highlights, a place to catch up on everything you missed in Oklahoma State Athletics and beyond.

It’s high noon...

Matthew Wolff’s swing:

Since starting on the PGA Tour, former Cowboy golfer Matthew Wolff’s swing has been the talk of the town. It landed him on the cover of Golf Digest this month.

It’s so effective, it begs the question: Should you swing like Wolff? “Sure you can, but it comes with some qualifiers,” Gankas says. “If you can turn on the backswing like Matt, it’s a great way to go, loop and all, because you’ll be able to position the club beautifully on the way down. But let’s be honest, not many people have his flexibility or athleticism.

“But you definitely can copy his posture at address, which is ideal. You can copy his sequence of motion on the downswing, which happens from the ground up regardless of your technique. And you definitely can learn to bow your left wrist on the downswing, which will make for a very effective impact.” {Golf Digest}

*Gankas is Wolff’s coach.

Cowgirls on the soccer field are moving on up:

While there may be some disappointment in BPS this season, the Cowgirls that play the other football are rising.

Oklahoma State achieved its highest national ranking of the season this week, while sophomore Grace Yochum was named the United Soccer Coaches NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer Player of the Week. Winners of five in a row and sitting atop the Big 12 Conference standings, OSU moved up two spots to No. 13 in this week’s United Soccer Coaches poll. The Cowgirls, who are 12-1-3 overall and 5-1-1 in the Big 12, have now been nationally ranked for six consecutive weeks. The United Soccer Coaches also honored Yochum after a pair of games last week that saw her continue her torrid scoring pace by tallying four goals in road wins at West Virginia and Iowa State. She was credited with the game-winning goal in each match, and all six of her shots were on goal. {}

Vivian Gray and goats at Big 12 Media Day:

It all makes sense now.

— Oklahoma State Athletics (@OSUAthletics) October 22, 2019

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