[Damn ADT] Where is the transformer?

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Jan 11, 2008
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For you guys have an ADT/alarm system, where would the transformer be located and what does it look like? I know it has a plug and the thing itself is supposed to be square-ish; but I can't find it ANYWHERE in my house. I've even looked in the attic, which is filled to the brim with pink , cotton-like material which made it really hard to find anything up there.

So where else could it be?
Dec 15, 2003
What does yours look like? The thing itself should be plugged into an outlet, right?

Should it be pretty far away from the control box (with the backup batter in it)
I wouldn't think so. All of my stuff runs through that control box. What exactly are you looking for?
Dec 15, 2003
Wait, so the TRANSFORMER itself is located IN the control box?
Not sure what you mean by transformer unless you are talking about the transformers on the power poles. To my understanding, my alarm system is all ran through the one box. There's a backup battery in the box, connected to the power outlet and to a phone jack, with wires coming in from the wall from the attic and the various rooms in the house.

What exactly are you looking for?

Edit - I've done some googling and from my understanding, the transformer is plugged into the power outlet. So, it's either there or if not (like my system) it must be builtin or lacks one.