Dark Money Dem Super PAC makes False Claims against Ted Cruz & Rep Boebert

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Jun 28, 2018
Little Rock, Arkansas
I think you're missing the point... They're highlighting the hypocrisy. The far right being so concerned with Hunter, they should also be concerned that one of their own is allegedly doing the same. They likely won't care because they'll just "whatabout Hunter" like you did, which only highlights it even more.
It's alleged hypocrisy. The creep Hunter Biden, son of the creep Joe Biden is caught dead to rights...no allegations--facts.


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Feb 7, 2005
Sammamish, Washington.Dallas, Texas.Maui, Hawaii
Additional Details/allegations. Claims she was Driving Drunk in ATV accident. Sister in Law claims Boebert bugged her to ensure she didn't say anything about the wreck that resulted in her being life flighted.

Audio evidence obtained of the Life Flight of her sister in law

Paid rent on her business and paid her Taxes with donated campaign finances

Inflated millage reporting on campaign trail to increase reimbursement funding from Campaign funds.

What Are the Claims About Boebert?
American Muckrakers PAC claims Boebert worked as an unlicensed paid escort and met clients through a website called SugarDaddyMeet.com.

"According to our investigation, Boebert was hired by a wealthy male client in Aspen, Colorado, who was a Koch family member. Boebert's rich client subsequently introduced her to U.S. Senator [Ted] Cruz to run for political office," a press release from the PAC read.

The group also accused Boebert of taking at least $136,250 from Senator Cruz for her campaign for Congress announced in 2019, and failing to disclose a $70,500 donation noted in Cruz's Federal Election Commission filings.

The PAC said Boebert has had two abortions, one of which was at Planned Parenthood—a claim that, if true, would contrast with Boebert's proclaimed strong opposition to abortion rights.

"Boebert had an abortion at a clinic in Grand Junction, Colorado, sometime in 2004 or 2005 when she was approximately eighteen years old. It is not known whether this abortion was related to SugarDaddyMeet.com clients or someone else," said the PAC.

"Then Boebert, twenty-three at the time, had an abortion in 2009 at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, 'due to her work with a SugarDaddyMeet.com client.'"

In 2021 Boebert pushed a bill to block funding to Planned Parenthood, as well as other health centers providing abortions. In the same year, she notoriously told Planned Parenthood "to go fund yourself." On her website, Boebert prides herself in supporting "overturning Roe v. Wade and restoring the sanctity of life to the law."

Other claims accuse Boebert of crashing an off-road 4x4 vehicle she was driving while drunk in Grand County, Utah, endangering the lives of her son and sister-in-law Tori Hooper who were on board, and failing to report the incident as required by Utah law. The group said it called Tori Hooper, who told them Boebert "begged" her to say nothing of the incident two weeks before the 2020 primary elections.

According to Utah Code for motor vehicles, drivers involved in accidents that cause injuries, death or damage to the vehicle of $2,500 or more are requested to report the accident within 10 days.

American Muckrakers PAC said Boebert's sister-in-law was brought to St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction by helicopter after the accident, as per audio evidence it obtained.

Other claims are that Boebert paid for restaurant rent and her taxes with donor money, and has threatened her employees if they protested about not being paid the money she allegedly owes them.

The New York Times reported on June 8 that Colorado officials are currently examining allegations that Boebert inflated the mileage she logged on the campaign trail in 2020 and used more than $20,000 in reimbursements from donors to pay off years of tax liens on her restaurant.

The group said it obtained this information after an "exhaustive investigation" and a tip from an anonymous verified source close to the matter.

David B. Wheeler, president of the group and one of its co-founders, called Boebert "as big a hypocrite as Madison Cawthorn."

"He says one thing and does another. She says she is against abortion but has apparently had at least two abortions. She claims to be a devout Christian but is paid to escort wealthy men without a license and has two abortions she wants to make illegal for other women."

Earlier, Boebert appeared to reply to the allegations in a tweet that says: "Fact Check: Not true. Fake News. Four Pinocchios. Also...Y'all need Jesus!"

I know this is a sign of the time but this reads like a congressional resume. She’s in good company right where she belongs.


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Feb 7, 2005
Sammamish, Washington.Dallas, Texas.Maui, Hawaii
There's very little that can't be forgiven with a sincere sounding apology and takedowns of the enemy (democrats). As we learned from Trump, even the apology may not always be necessary, but it might be in this case if they prove she had an abortion. She can easily flip that to say her guilt over her sinful ways are why she knows first hand that the Democrat policies are antiwoman. She'd be on brand to say the elites almost force abortions on you for population control and then don't care about the damage it does. Many of her fans would love her for it.

I also don't think the sex work thing will be a big deal at all, especially not in more libertarian leaning western culture. She might even earn some additional fans.
This. We will see true spin masters and see if the art form still survives.


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Nov 8, 2004
Closer to Stillwater today than I was last year
She'll say she was young and needed the money and has since been born again...Honestly I think you'll be shocked...It may not matter to folks at all. We'll see.
Those pics, and background story are actually all in her favor in this day and age.[/QUOTE]
If that's the case, just a girl in the world tryna survive, who made good and then gave up the evil, she will come out even better.


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Nov 4, 2003
This wouldn't be the fist time a politician banged a hooker and paid them off, right? I'm sorry for the ridiculous question as I've been living under a rock.


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Sep 16, 2004
This wouldn't be the fist time a politician banged a hooker and paid them off, right? I'm sorry for the ridiculous question as I've been living under a rock.
And helped get them elected to the US Congress? I think that’s a new tactic For the God-fearing, Bible-thumping, Jesus-following GOP.