Dish Question / What do you use?

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Nov 27, 2009
Okay so we've gone through many renditions of how to watch TV through the years and we've finally settled on Dish as the most reliable.

First couple of season we tried a combo of rabbit ears for locals & internet streaming through various apps like slingbox/slingTV/WatchESPN - all would work great if we could get a decent connection. But not reliable enough.

So last season I came across a pathfinder (smidge bigger than the tailgater) & dish receiver. Works great!

Only complaint I have is the cost of the service. ($80) I wish they had a day rate like $10 a day as I only will use it on game days (live downtown so can't use it for the rest of the time).

Or maybe there is a groupbuy for the service, like 1 person buys the account and each receiver add is $7. Split the total cost.

Let me know what you use!
Aug 29, 2016
Kilgore, TX
I need to follow this. I was thinking about getting a tailgater, but the only thing I honestly need it for is the deer lease lol. 3 of the guys out that hunt with me out there are already down to split the cost with me if I add it onto my Dish service.


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Nov 20, 2011
Oklahoma City
I have the King Tailgater with Dish Network Outdoor. A day rate would be awesome, but I think its a good deal that they let us pay month-to-month and shut it down for the offseason. Our HOA doesn't allow satellite dishes.

Thanks to Mike Gundy's soft schedule I have the America's 250 plus the sports add-on package.

I have more channels at my tailgate than I do at my house.

I haven't had any problems getting signal in Stillwater. It fires up quickly and easily.
Mar 11, 2006
This year I decided to roll the dice and use my Sling Player. And it has worked great. Zero issues.
I get about every channel at home so I have access to all the channels.