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DO - Gottlieb likes OSU's chances against Pitt

Discussion in 'OSU Sports Forum' started by OP 9000, Mar 25, 2004.

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    Gottlieb likes OSU's chances against Pitt

    By Mel Bracht
    The Oklahoman

    ESPN college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb predicts Oklahoma State can go a long way in its goal of winning the NCAA men's basketball championship with a victory against Pitt tonight in the East Rutherford Regional.

    "I have this feeling if they can beat Pitt, they will win the whole thing," he said. "This has been an unbelievable team. They have great chemistry, and they make their shots."

    Gottlieb believes the game might come down to which team controls the tempo.

    "A low-scoring game in the 50s shifts more in the favor of Pitt because they are more of a grinding team, although OSU can grind with people," he said. "But if the Cowboys are able to hit some shots early, spread the floor, make Pitt come out and cover and get the tempo going a little more, I think it will be in their favor."

    Gottlieb rattles off his analysis with the same confidence he displayed in becoming the school's career assists leader as a point guard for three seasons.

    He can't hide a bias toward his alma mater. Asked for his pick to win the tournament, he chuckles -- "Oh man, come on!" -- and acknowledges it's the Cowboys, whom he has selected with Connecticut, Duke and Georgia Tech to reach the Final Four.

    ESPN has recognized his ability by showcasing him in several spots this season -- "SportsCenter," ESPNEWS, a game analyst (about 15 games) and as co-host of ESPN Radio's "GameNight."

    Gottlieb will be back in Oklahoma City next week to cover the McDonald's High School All-American games for ESPN. He said he will cover the slam-dunk competition Monday night, emcee the awards show Tuesday night and join Dave Pasch and Tim McCormick to cover the boys game at 8 p.m. Wednesday. The slam-dunk competition will air on tape delay at 7 p.m. Wednesday.

    Nantz to call game

    Jim Nantz, who will join Billy Packer in broadcasting the OSU-Pitt game for CBS, also believes the game might have Final Four ramifications.

    "I kind of hate to see this game in the Sweet 16 round," he said. "This should be like a Final Four or final eight game. My hunch tells me that the winner of the game will go to the Final Four. I think they might be the best two teams here."

    Nantz said OSU coach Eddie Sutton was snubbed when he wasn't picked this year as a finalist for the Basketball Hall of Fame.

    "He made it the two previous years and did not get inducted, but it must have been close," Nantz said. "There's no one more deserving to be in it than Eddie. Wouldn't it be some really nice poetic justice (for OSU) to win the championship on April 5, the day they are actually revealing the list for the class of 2004."

    Nantz and Packer also will call the Saint Joseph's-Wake Forest game, which gains significance because of a dispute between Packer and Saint Joseph's coach Phil Martelli. On CBS' "NCAA Selection Show," Packer said Saint Joseph's didn't deserve a No. 1 seed because it played a soft schedule. In addition, Wake Forest is Packer's alma mater.

    Nantz said he doesn't intend to give special attention to the controversy.

    "It would be a disservice to the game to be talking about a squabble that occurred 11 days ago. Martelli inflamed the situation by attacking Billy. It was just Billy's opinion."

    CBS drops ball

    While Kansas fans probably loved watching all of their team's first- and second-round games, KWTV-9 viewers missed out on watching the end of much closer games, including Pitt's victory over Wisconsin on Sunday.

    CBS had designated KWTV as a "constant" for all Kansas games, meaning the network wouldn't switch to another game until the final buzzer.

    "We've had so much interest in Kansas in the bordering states," said Mike Aresco, senior vice president of programming for CBS Sports.

    KWTV program director Kim Eubank said the station had not requested such a designation and had received several complaints about the lack of game switching.

    Aresco said CBS has assigned KWTV the Kansas-UAB game on Friday night but would switch to Texas-Xavier if the Jayhawks' game got out of hand.

    'Dream Job' finals

    ESPN viewers will determine the winner of the "Dream Job" through Internet voting on the two-hour finale at 8 p.m. Sunday. The winning contestant will receive a one-year contract as a "SportsCenter" anchor.

    The final four consists of three college seniors -- Maggie Haskins (Brown), Mike Hall (Missouri) and Aaron Levine (Stanford) -- and comedian Zachariah Selwyn of Los Angeles.

    The winner will have little time to savor the victory, appearing on the 10 p.m. "SportsCenter" with an opportunity to increase his or her salary by correctly answering sports trivia questions.

    Short takes

    Mark Jones (play-by-play), Nancy Lieberman (analyst) and Krista Blunk (sideline reporter) will broadcast the NCAA women's basketball games from Norman on Sunday and Tuesday on ESPN2.

    Many viewers stayed up to watch the Oklahoma women's team bow out to Stanford despite a 10:20 p.m. start on ESPN2. The game received an 8.1 rating in Oklahoma City.

    The Sports Animal radio network will carry all the NCAA regional men's basketball games from Westwood One.

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