DO - OSU recruit Williams in coma after car wreck

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Oct 13, 2003
Stillwater, OK
OSU recruit Williams in coma after car wreck

By John Helsley
Staff Writer

Danny Williams, a basketball recruit due for a visit to Oklahoma State, lies in a coma at a California hospital following a car wreck Tuesday morning.

Williams was scheduled to fly to Stillwater on Wednesday with his AAU coach Rick Isaacs. First, however, he was to drive his girlfriend to Las Vegas, where her grandfather was due out of surgery Tuesday afternoon. They never made it.

Williams fell asleep at the wheel of her Isuzu Trooper, which rolled several times, throwing her from the vehicle and leaving him pinned inside with a fractured skull on Interstate 15, just north of Barstow, Calif.

Fortunately, a trauma-unit helicopter, with a neuro-surgeon onboard, was flying nearby after tending to the scene of another accident. Those inside witnessed Williams' wreck, then rushed to the scene.

After workers freed Williams with the "Jaws of Life," he had to be resuscitated at the scene. Both he and his girlfriend were flown to Loma Linda (Calif.) University Hospital. There were conflicting reports of whether seat belts were in use.

The girlfriend suffered substantial injuries to her body but is expected to recover, Isaacs said.

The immediate prognosis for Williams wasn't as optimistic.

"The next 24 hours are critical," Isaacs said. "But the kid is too tough to die like this. He may die jumping over a backboard, but not like this."

OSU coaches are aware of the situation and concerned, yet are prohibited from talking about prospective recruits.

Williams is a 6-foot-3 player ranked as the No. 5 shooting guard and the No. 21 prospect overall as a five-star recruit by He played at Freemont High in Los Angeles.

Isaacs and Williams were scheduled to fly out of Los Angeles at 9:20 a.m. Wednesday. But when Isaacs hadn't heard from his star recruit by midday Tuesday, he worried that something was wrong.

Isaacs said doctors were monitoring Williams closely, hoping for necessary immediate improvement.
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