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Football DT Ben Hughes (6'3, 300)

We offered Ben Hughes this week, a 4* on Scout/3* on Rivals DT out of Waco. Other offers are from KSU, KU, and Tulsa. (Rivals does not show an offer from us yet)


I like these write-ups from the LSR Top 100...

The first thing that jumps out about Ben Hughes is that he is a mountain of a man. He’s big…real big. At 6-4 and over 300 pounds he catches the eye in the middle of the University Trojan defense. He is a plug in the middle. He is the kind of guy coaches look for to man the nose position in a 3-4 defense. He has a good first step and can get quick penetration in the backfield. He is still learning technique and plays a lot off of raw, natural ability. As the game goes longer he grows stronger. As a big guy he needs to improve his lateral movement but he controls the middle of the line. He’s also a guy I could see moving to offensive guard on the college level if it doesn’t work on defense. (Howell)
OB in Person: Waco University vs. Killeen - October 7, 2011

With his big, wide chest, thick lower half, and 6-4 frame, Hughes is a guy that you want walking off your bus first. He’s an intimidating guy on the interior of a defensive line. Right now, he can get away with playing high because of his strength and surprising quickness for a guy his size. Hughes doesn’t struggle to get upfield. With his feet, strength, and body, he could be better suited as an interior offensive lineman, and would be a very intriguing prospect at that position. (McComas)



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Guy is massive and would be a great DT in our defense. We don't need speed up front....we need space fillers and guys who aren't going to let RB's go off the tackles. Would be a great fit here.


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umm he's DT recruit not OL
The original post did include a write up that said he could get moved to O Line if D Line didn't work out. I'd like to see him as a DT at OSU though.

He’s also a guy I could see moving to offensive guard on the college level if it doesn’t work on defense.


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we are usually pretty solid at offering early. seems like alot of guys get a bunch of big offers AFTER they commit to okstate.


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Article just said that of his "3 offers" that Tulsa is his top choice.
He has 4 offers on Rivals with OSU being the latest but the article was published today. Don't know how to take that info...