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Earthquake!!! 4.7 morning of Nov 5

I felt it and immediately knew what it was. I've never felt one before so it was surreal to me. I ran outside to look around and was disappointed that the crickets were going about their normal business and weren't matching my excitement.


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Was re-watching OSU/Mizzou and the whole damn couch jumped (with me on it). Then the lamp vibrated like skirt guy for about three minutes. The time on the cox DVR was 2:14.
DId anyone in Stillwater feel that Earthquake that happened shortly after 2 AM Sat. Morning, 11/5/2001? The center of it was near Prague, registering 4.7, bigger than the usual ones we've been having. I only sensed a slight and gentle shaking, but also noticeable was hearing the wood in my house groan for 5 seconds, or so.
I'm a Cali boy and have experienced plenty of quakes but i was dumbfounded when the floor underneath my feet started to sway as i was sitting in my bed texting. Never thought I'd feel a quake in OKLAHOMA


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Woke me Up in south Tulsa shook the bed pretty hard and made a loud noise. I thought I was having a back spasm. Went back to sleep and felt another one later in the nit but much smaller "shake", intresting and the first one I recall every feeling and I used to live in California a's a child.
Geez, I must be a very hard sleeper. I live in SW Edmond and didn't feel a thing. My dog didn't even wake me up and she freaks out when it thunders.

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I was up at that time, but felt nothing.

I lived two years at Fort Richardson, Alaska. Now I felt some ground movement up there on several occasions.


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I heard something like a helicopter just a few minutes after I went to bed at @ 2:00 a.m. But it was quite right, more like rolling thunder and it shook the whole house. I sleep on a full motion water bed and it may have isolated me from the ground vibration, so I didn't feel it.


I'm Your Captain!
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Crap, a bunch of you guys are up.

As for me, I was pooping when suddenly my bathroom started shaking. I just thought I was doing a good job in there.
So that was the cause. Dang, I thought that I had finally experienced an earthquake.
apparently it was somewhat prominent feeling here in Tulsa...the guys at the office said they felt it here in the ONEOK building pretty good. I never woke up though?

EDIT: Woke up at home...not work :D