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[Facebook]Lebryan Nash

Not trying to sound creepy here, but he recently posted this on his FB:

This the week everybody i make my decision on thursday evening on ESPN n all my boys going b there, man I been wait on this day real talk, I'm nervous don't know were to go lol, i got 3 great schools (Ok State, Kansas, n Baylor) to choose from and i think all of them is good 4 me. Wat school is the best 4 me? Commet on it tell were u think i should go, let me heard the fans n friends lol

I'm not going to post on there but if you're brave and nutty enough, post some OSU love on their for LB and let him know how much OSU wants him!

*PS. I kinda I laughed out loud at Keaton Miles's responses at the bottom


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I think he's just trying to drum up biz for his show tomorrow. OSU all the way.


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I know but its rather fun reading the desperate comments by the KU fans lol :D
I almost want to friend him and point that out. Excluding that one kid defending OSU, we look FAR less desperate than the fictitious-hawks and bu-bu-bu-bears.
His Facebook "bio"....

"This a new me real talk no more ova the old LB . My name is Lebryan Nash most people knw me as LB. I go to Lincoln High in Dallas, Texas and yea its n the hood. But we aint dumb ass niggas. Im 6'7 n im a senior. I play basketball and im real good at it. I hope i make to college when i leave lincoln but i dont knw were to go. I real dont have to many friend cause i dont trust nobody but im a cool dude. I just want to enjoy high school n make the rite choice when i go to college"

They got some real ignorant Jayhawks fans in there. One guy said, " Come to Kansas, nobody outside of Big XII even knows that OSU and Baylor has a basketball team." I was like this gotta be the worst recruiting line ever!! I use to like Jayhawks, but after seeing how they be disrespecting other schools, I could careless for them Gayhawks.


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I use to like Jayhawks, but after seeing how they be disrespecting other schools
You obviously weren't there when KU gave a better tribute to Eddie Sutton than OSU did.

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I m not talking about KU as a school, I m talking about there fans in general. Have you seen some of there comments on his page? Then you will see my point. Oh and about your whole "tribute thing." What could be a better way to tribute someone then naming a school's basketball court after there coaches name? So maybe you weren't there when OSU tributed to Eddie Sutton by naming the court as "Sutton Court."


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I m not talking about KU as a school, I m talking about there fans in general. Have you seen some of there comments on his page? Then you will see my point.
KU fans that actually go to the games generally aren't bad, but KU basketball gets a ton of bandwagon fans just like OU football. Some of those people are intolerable.
Just a reminder on what the NCAA thinks about fans on facebook:

Interesting. I never knew that. Not that I would've ever done it anyway (it's kind of creepy honestly) but I can see this becoming a big problem in the facebook age when it's easier than ever before to find and contact pretty much anyone.

Wonder how the NCAA will handle this in the future. My guess is not very well. Seems that governing bodies made up of pretechnological era leaders (NCAA, congress, RIAA) seldom adopt/adapt to technological challenges. Short of barring potential athletes from facebook (don't see that happening) I don't know how they'll ever prevent this type of activity.