First powered flight on Mars was successful today!

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Jun 24, 2005
Mars now the only planet inhabited by all Robots, and now they can fly. First flight lasted for 40 seconds and got to an altitude of 10 ft
Of all the amazing technology man has created, this is an easy one for me to conceptualize and appreciate.

I imagine just shortly after the Civil war, a relatively short time ago in human history, pointing to the sky and telling someone that in the future we will be able to send a man made item to that one star that is a little reddish in color. That item will be like a horseless carriage propelling around the surface of that red dot at the direction of our choosing. It will send back pictures of the surface, it will dig in the soil and do scientific experiments communicating the data found, oh and it will release another man made thing that will fly around like a hawk and take more pictures to be sent back.

That's science fiction at it's most ridiculous.
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Aug 31, 2007
Stupid about AGW!!
I bet the pics this thing is going to take and send back will be breath taking and mind blowing..what a time to be alive. For millennia people have dreamed about going to these places, we get daily data, images, sounds, etc from. What a privilege to see this.