How about Baker yesterday? How'd he do?

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Jul 25, 2018
Boulder, CO
When they finish 8-9 with the roster they've got, they're not keeping the Progressive spokesperson.
I'm sure he has bit more leeway than that. They've already exercised his option so 2022 will be the most telling season.

And yes, he's 25th in yards passing. But a little context to that, he's 26th in attempts.
If we look at yards per pass, he's 8th, above Brady. In completion percentage, 15th, ahead of Mahomes. In passer rating, 15th, just ahead of Mahomes and Herbert.

And he's been dealing with a torn labrum and a fractured bone in his shoulder since week 2. he dislocated that shoulder too. I know, 'no excuses' or whatever, but a little context never hurt.
I watch their games, I’m aware of all of that.

Said at the time that they didn’t need OBJ.

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