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Is it time for a baseball coaching change?

Is it time for a new baseball coach

  • Yes

    Votes: 120 71.4%
  • No

    Votes: 48 28.6%

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Territorial Marshal
I don't think it was the 08 regional that turned a lot of fans sour by itself. I think it had more to do with the fact we had HUGE expectations (completely fair too) going into the 09 season with Oliver, Lyons, Blandford, Belza, Medchill, Hambly, etc.(McCurry as a freshman too, he was nasty before getting hurt) coming back and finished dead last in the conference, and really shouldn't have even made the NCAA's that season. Of course, came within 1 W of a super regional, but that season was a major disappointment to me and many other Pokes fans. It turns out our best shot to make it to Omaha under Frank's leadership was 07, and we missed that only by 21 runs.

Then came the train wreck of 2010, that team never had a chance. And to be fair, that was mainly scholarship reductions.

2011, fun regular season mostly, beat UT and OU, but had an embarrassing finish. Belmont??? Really???

Then this year. The teams looked about as unprepared as possible for the Cal Poly series (yeah, 25 new faces, yadda yadda yadda). Finally climbed back into the NCAA discussion by killing mediocre and bad competition, only to fall on our faces against an A&M team that we easily should have taken 2 out of 3 from. Now, we're faced with a win or go home situation.

Personally, I think 09 and 10 has had a huge impact on how the average Cowboy fan perceives the baseball program.


Orange ruler guy
at least one response to being "tired of all the losing" after the 08 44-18 campaign. I found this using my phone, but it indicates the general sentiment I recall during that time period. It did exist. I'm not making it up.
44-18 isn't a ton losing there chief. If you'd gone to the A&M series, the Arizona mid-week series, the Wichita State game in the middle of year (which we won, did you realize that?) or the series win over Nebraska(top 10) I bet you wouldn't be "tired of all the losing". Anyone who follows baseball, which you obviously don't, would say we had a season that exceeded most expectations. We were picked to finish 5th in the big 12, and we finished 2nd...I'm sorry if you think that's a lot of losing and you can't stand that. You're basing your prognosis of this season on what you've watched, which includes the regional without our ace pitcher where we lost to a top 15 team(for most of the year anyway) in pretty close ballgames...Our bully ran out of gas and they have nothing to be ashamed of. This team did not underperform, if anything they performed up to their potential to the utmost. It's alright though, a week from now you won't be thinking about baseball, and you won't start thinking about again it until around the 2nd or 3rd week of may next year, so i'll forgive your ignorance to the successes of this team and the great coaching job coach anderson did this year.


Territorial Marshal
I think PC Cowboy is related to Frank. Traber asked him his name and he ignored it and PC has ignored your question. There is a reason PC is refusing to answer that question. Either he is related or he is wanted by the IRS.

Come on dude, stop it with that stuff. You may disagree with him whole-heartedly, but please stop bringing Traber into this argument. Traber is a lying fatty. I have half a mind to post the dialogue between Traber and me on here. Please people, stop bringing Traber up. He does nothing but lie because he wants Anderson gone so badly. Traber probably wanted his name so he could try to embarrass him on air. Traber asked for my name too, and I'm not dumb enough to give it to him. Traber would just resort to calling him out on air, you know he would. Traber is as classless as they come. Little fatty...


Territorial Marshal
My honest question to Jim Traber in reference to a thread I made a few weeks back:

How come when that caller asked about alumni activities at OSU you only talked about football? You didn't really say anything about the fact you were invited to an alumni function for baseball. Why is that? Just an honest question.


Territorial Marshal
Traber's response:

One in 8 years and you're good with that? Just say your real name, since you have so much info. You go to every board and tell lies and call me names. That's sad.


Territorial Marshal
My response:

Did I say I was good with that? Did I?

Nice deflection, lol, answer the question Jim.

I only called you a liar, and that's because you lied. "I don't know if they do anything" - sound familiar?

You can question Frank Anderson's coaching on air all you want, and that's fine with me. I think a lot of your criticisms of Anderson are very fair. He has to get this thing turned around very soon, or he should be fired. But, it is very unprofessional for you to mislead, paint an inaccurate picture, or lie about things on air regarding the current coaching staff at OSU.

The caller on Monday who asked you if OSU does any kind of alumni activities for former football and baseball players, you remember that call? Why didn't you tell him that you were invited??? Heck, I don't even care if you rip OSU for inviting you "late" as you say. That's fine with me. But, why did you intentionally mislead him and all of your listeners??? Answer the question Jim.

Here, I'll make it simple for you. There are 2 questions involved here:

1. Did I say "I am good with 1 in 8 years?"

2. Why did you answer the Monday caller by saying, "I don't know if they do anything" when regarding the baseball alumni event(s).

Also, a few weeks ago, I heard you refer to OSU baseball coaches by saying this statement word for word, "I think Holliday did an ok job. I think that Anderson has done very little." Holliday missed the NCAA Tournament 3 out of his last 4 years (with a full allotment of scholarships). 1 in 4, are you good with that???


Territorial Marshal
Moral of the story, Traber will lie in order to back up his opinions. So please, stop bringing up his opinion, it doesn't matter. Bash the baseball coaches all you want, but please stop acting like Traber knows anything at all. I think it's funny how he talks about the Thunder as if he's an NBA expert now...
I remember Holiday as a horrible coach who almost tanked the program. I also remember that Ward said Holiday would not be a good head coach and advised against hiring him. From what I also remember and have been told, both of my statements are well known.

Side note: Dave Holiday was/is the best recruiter out of the 3 brothers.[/qu
I guess BEING recruited and PLAYING for them gives my opinion no credibility and those that have HEARD know best.

I know plenty but the arguement will never be "won"

Bottom line, we play small ball because we can't hit. Execusion failed us against Aggie costing us 2 wins, and today costing us a first round loss in the tournament. No matter which side of the discussion you are on, the fact is obvious in how we are winding down this season and that is execution cost us a 2 or 3 seed and execution is the responsibility of the coach and we failed therefore he did. Shut out by the Goons, hmmm wonder if the poll opened today if FA would be getting that 38% favorable vote.......