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Is stilwater getting a....


A/V Subscriber
We will also be getting a Freddie's Frozen Custard over on Main St past the Whataburger. There's talk of a Schlotzsky's as well.
Didn't they already have a schlotzskys down off washington and 6th? I remember going there in the late 90's early 2000s.


Territorial Marshal
Sam's!!! Start the rumor, make it come true. Don't think you need 5,000 rolls of tp???...WRONG!!! You do and you'll enjoy it!!! :)
Food poisoning coming to Stillwater?. You guys enjoy!
A lot of restaurants are waiting for food poisoning to happen. Ever watched how nasty filthy restaurant kitchens can get on Restaurant Impossible on the Food Channel? The rescue chef in one episode didn't dare sample something from the restaurant's menu until the kitchen was cleaned up. Because the kitchen was so gross when he inspected it, that it was enough to make him puke.