Israel launches Military operation in Gaza Strip after very high tensions.

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Nov 8, 2007
You are not wrong... Israel did launch a surprise attack today

And Hamas has launched 100s of missile's in retaliation...

Remember Israel is a govt and Hamas is a jihadist movement

If the US govt launched a mission within ots own border and launched a premptive strike at a terrorist cell....then that cell let loose 100s of missile's into US territory....wouldn't you think the govt is doing the right thing ?
Sincerely not taking sides, but there's not really a fair comparison in the US. Maybe if Puerto Rico had continued its independence movement as strongly as it had in the earlier days? In that case, it would be like us launching strikes in San Juan that are fairly accurate, but often have civilian casualties and then they respond by aiming at civilians in Miami.
And if PR publicly stated their end game was the destruction of the US.
May 4, 2011
Charleston, SC
And if PR publicly stated their end game was the destruction of the US.
Yeah, there's no perfect analogy because you'd also have to add a completely different history where England went to war with Spain, wins, creates the US, and boots Puerto Ricans from their homes. We'd also need to have historical claim to the land, but that history needs to be centuries old with the US being occupied for most of the last time it existed. Oh, and San Juan needs to have holy sites that the occupiers destroyed nearly 2000 years ago and Puero Ricans built on top of hundreds of years ago.

Even just trying to make a complete analogy gets absurd pretty quickly.