Jordan Oliver - Olympics

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Aug 11, 2004
Enid, OK
Jordan Oliver won the US Olympic Qualifying tournament several weeks ago which gives him the right to represent the USA at the Olympics, BUT the USA had not "qualified" the weight meaning finishing high enough in a qualifying tournament at his weight. Today there is the last chance tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria and JO has to win at least 4 matches to qualify the weight, and therefore qualify himself for going to Tokyo later this year.

He has won 3 in a row, so needs one more win to make it! Anyway, think good thoughts for Mr. Oliver!


Territorial Marshal
Jan 13, 2005
Jordan Oliver lost 3-2 in the Semis. Tough fight but came up 2 points short of the Olympics. Tough way to go out.
Sep 6, 2014
Frustrating to watch a guy who is fighting for an olympic berth wrestle the first period so lackluster and with ZERO sense of urgency , going down 3-0 not taking any shots or doing absolutely anything.

I wanted JO to win the trials because he is a Cowboy but realistically Yianni was our best chance at a medal for Team USA and now we don't even have a representative at 65kg with the best team we are brining to the Olympics in a really really long time.