Justin Gilbert going pro?

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Jan 11, 2008
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I think Gilbert should give it a shot at free safety. I honestly don't see him as a NFL corner.
I've thought of that too. He has good quickness but his best attributes are his straightline speed and explosiveness jumping. He could be great in some inverted schemes where he can drop back ala a strong safety and cover an area of the field and just rely on his athleticism and ball hawk skills.

With that said, thats more of a hopeful wish tho. But BY really needs to consider letting his corners play true man (off or tight) more , rather than the sissy 8 yard cushion + back pedaling at the snap. Like what TCU did. They were burned at times but for the most part it allowed their D to play much more aggressive and force the QB to keep making pin point passes. Id rather our CBs get burned a few times and then develop and improve themselves on their own impetus and fire rather than playing soft and scared and never learning to develop your CB skills needed at the next level.
And for sure I still think Gilbert is a next level CB with TONS of potential.


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May 14, 2009
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With the inexperience at QB next year in the league I think you will see a more aggressive OSU defense. Just something to consider.