Looking for a Red Dot

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May 21, 2007
Tulsa, OK
Vortex StrikeFire II Sight w/ 4 MOA Dot

It is currently $152 at OpticsPlanet ($130 with MYST418 coupon code) and free shipping... they also don't collect OK taxes. You can also buy a 3x magnifier for later down the road... helps past 100 yards.

I use this with my AK and at 100 yard i can get 3-4 inch grouping with cheap steal ammo.

At 0 - 50 yards you can drive nails. It has held true since i mounted it and it is on a removable mount. I have even gotten comments from people who have used my rifle how well i have it dial in... video game dialed in.

It is not as small and sexy as others but is is super comfortable and really fun to shoot with both eyes open and down range. Good red dot for the money.