looking for a tackle twill jersey

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Jul 9, 2008
Really want a black jersey baby find it in tackle twill. Have seen the on ebay with names on the back a little nervous about that since you aren't supposed to be able to order them that way.
Aug 7, 2005
San Diego, CA
shopokstate.com had them before the Fiesta Bowl, I guess they are sold out. Yeah the one's on ebay had me laughing. You can definately tell it's someone that doesn't know college football because they made two jersey's for OSU. #81 Blackmon and #3 Maselera!! I was rolling when I saw those. You can tell they knew our QB was #3 but just pulled up a roster and grabbed the first #3 they saw. Makes me wonder how many of folks are gonna be rocking a Maselera jersey this upcoming fall when these jersey's don't sell and he has to get rid of them for $5 lol