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Marcell Ateman - 4 Star WR Verbal


'Neer Deez Nutz
A/V Subscriber
Nice to hear about how he was recruited.

From ESPN:

Standing nearly 6-foot-5 and weighing 200 pounds, Marcell Ateman (Wylie, Texas/Wylie East) is a physical problem for most defensive backs. Late Wednesday, the four-star receiver determined he would take his talents to the Big 12 Conference and become a potential menace there.

Ateman committed to Oklahoma State and became the Cowboys’ third commitment of the 2013 recruiting class. He joins fellow four-star receiver Fred Ross (Tyler, Texas/John Tyler) and rising offensive tackle Jack Kurzu (St. Louis, Mo./Mary Institute Country Day School) in the class.

“I talked to Coach [Mike] Gundy and Coach [Todd] Monken and told them I committed,” said Ateman, who had more than a dozen offers. “It was the coaching staff and the way they came at me. They really showed me a lot of love.


Territorial Marshal
Wow this guy is a great pickup and just when things were looking a little dreary.

Welcome Marcell! I hear Lunt2Ateman already...


We don't need no edgeukashun
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but, but, but, OU, Texas, nor Alabama offered, with an obvious lack of interest from the 'big boys' (think bundy) is everyone sure we want him??;)


Territorial Marshal
Sounds like he's about as solid a commitment as you could hope for this early in the game. GREAT get!

Mr. Lunt is gonna have plenty of weapons at his disposal in the coming years.:thumbup: