Football Matt Gallagher, Owasso Rams

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Oct 16, 2010
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A 34 or 35 ACT score gets you in an Ivy League school, but it doesn't get you a full ride. Nobody gets a full ride to an Ivy League school. They don't even give athletic scholarships.
Not trying to be that guy but I have been told by someone that knows Matt's options and one is a full ride to an ivy league school


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Feb 16, 2011
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Do Ivy League Schools Offer Athletic Scholarships?

Ivy League schools only award financial aid according to financial need, not athletic or academic ability. Ivy League schools have very high standards for acceptance and they do not give out financial awards after acceptance for anything other than family need. Ivy League coaches can, however, help student-athletes gain acceptance with academic qualifications that are much lower than the average applicant. It is important to note that this preferential treatment through the admissions process is not given to all athletes but only to those who a coach is seriously recruiting. Ivy League schools do have very aggressive financial aid programs so I recommend that families never turn down an opportunity to pursue an Ivy League education until they have reviewed their final financial aid package. Do not be afraid of the sticker price. If you are accepted to an Ivy League school, especially if you have a coach as an ally, they will work with your family to try to make it affordable for you to attend. There are several techniques you can use to help you leverage the negotiation process.

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