Mike Holder stepping down?

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Jun 28, 2005
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If Holder would have been our AD in the late 1940's after we won back to back NC's in basketball and our football team back to back New Year's Day bowl games, we'd be big brother in the state now instead of uo. We needed visionary leadership back then for athletics and didn't get it.
Our leadership was plenty visionary. I mean, Gallagher Hall wasn't even ten years old in the time frame you reference; that was incredible vision in 1938. Did you forget or just ignore that we were stuck in the Missouri Valley Conference then, trying desperately to get invited back into the Big Six/Big Seven? We won two New Year's bowl games and two basketball titles and Colorado got invited over us. Hard to be the "big brother" when you're stuck in a mid-major, which we were for another decade before our leadership finally broke through - a decade in which OU won three national titles.

If you wish we'd had the "vision" to pay football players, say so, though I'm not sure who you think was going to pay players for us like they did for OU. OU had boosters with oil money, and the oil game has been rigged against us for far longer than OU has had a football machine.

The positive side of Holder's legacy will be facilities and that he got big boosters to open their wallets. But we didn't have big boosters with fat wallets in the '40s. This modern revisionist BS that we had poor leadership because we didn't build a football machine is nonsense. Different times, different situations.

You want to celebrate Holder? Put his tenure in the proper context.
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