My OG&E bill for February!!

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Feb 7, 2005
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Still won't top my worst electric bill though. A few years ago I had a snake get into my outside condenser and short circuit the board while electrocuting himself. It ended up causing the condenser to not shut off and run solid for a couple of weeks, which of course I did not realize it. My bill was nearly 10x the normal amount, over $1500. It costs a lot more than the actual condenser fix and taught me to keep an eye (and ear) on that stuff more closely.
I’ve actually seen this happen on a home inspection.


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Oct 22, 2009
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I was working in a plant in the Houston area about 10 years when a snake shorted out a small in-plant substation (it was a suicide mission). The unplanned/sudden shutdown cost a small fortune, the subsequent steps taken to try and prevent a repeat were pretty humorous (but you couldn't laugh out loud). The bottom of the chain link fence enclosure ended up looking like a 1' high reverse POW camp - all kinds of spiky things to prevent the slithering out-mates from crossing the fence line.


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Oct 31, 2005
Oklahoma Corp Commish has approved a plan for OG&E to recover ~$760 million from Feb 2021 Winter costs.

All customers bills will increased by about $2.50 per month for the next 28 YEARS.

Hope we don't have another big storm.....
The rate payers of OK got a great deal here and maybe not so great of a deal here...... on one hand it's cheaper than a coffee a month to cover the most significant winter storm in history....and on the other it would seem there are no signs of deregulation with other providers in SPP so you'll always be paying higher rates than you should