NOK - Cade Cunningham watches from sideline as Oklahoma State's upset bid of Baylor falls short: 'He's not in any position to play a game right now'

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018

By Jacob Unruh
Staff writer

STILLWATER — Cade Cunningham stood between two coaches on Oklahoma State’s sideline yelling directions and encouragement.

He was in a white hoodie and light denim jeans while wearing a black medical mask.

Not an orange Cowboys jersey.

OSU’s best player — and one of the top stars in the country — was stuck on the sideline as part of COVID-19 protocols.

“He’s not in any position to play a game right now,” OSU coach Mike Boynton said.

Saturday was a strange day around Gallagher-Iba Arena.

Cunningham warmed up an hour before the game, but left the court and did not return in uniform.


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