Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Baylor

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Nov 19, 2007
Gunsan City, Korea
Since some of you guys are THAT worried.

I mean, it's Baylor after all. Unless we're afraid of the dreaded STEEPLE!!!!

Okay, so that's a tower. Still....ooooo!

I mean, the way some of you were worried about this you'd think we were on upset alert or something. :rolleyes: We'll be fine. Execute our game and Baylor gets mudholed.

Jan 20, 2010
Ft Collins
I didn't see profanity, but someone clearly got a sign in that sorta looked like ESPN layout/font, but instead said "PENIS/PENIS/PENIS/PENIS. :lol:

Front and center at the end of the segment.


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Jul 12, 2007
Stillwater, OK
Imade should get his shoes tightened as Bay is going to throw all over him. Well, try to anyways.

Caleb Lavey will need help with RG3 should he run. I fully hope that we get this kid some help as he will get eaten alive up the middle.

Markelle will have 3 big hits in this game. S. Lewis will eat that Bay RB's lunch today.

I see Brown covering Wright today. Will be a good matchup, although I think J Gilbert being a better cover on Wright due to speed and height.

Our D line will play well. If they bull rush and keep their hands up right before RG3 throws, we will get some tips for pick 6.

Our offense should be patient today. If they are, they will take everything Baylor gives them and score 50+