Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma

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Aug 23, 2010
This is what happens when you have a team that has 4 and 5 stars.. sad thing is this was the year for people to beat them. Their recruiting has upticked even more and they are extremely young, which means all these freshmen that Fowler and herb keep talking about will be older and then be backed up by future young 4 and 5 star. They're a blue blood for a reason and it's hard to accept, but what the hell else do you do
Sep 2, 2007
Question. If you could snap your fingers and instantly
I’ve said this for the last 5 years, Gundy needs to take about $1M of his salary and pay another coach to come in and coach the team a month before Bedlam. He can take the month involvement. Any suggestions on potential candidates? Synder? Campbell? Holtz?
I’ll take Campbell with a 5 Yr deal and mail Gundy his personal items.
Not open for further replies.