Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Tulsa

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Oct 13, 2004
So how much rain has the Tulsa area received today? Is it looking like it might blow through by tonight's game?
I think we received about an inch at my place and it's nice and sunny now and has been for about three or four hours.
Aug 8, 2009
NW Arkansas
Swagger has more to do with self respect than anything else. If they convince themselves that they are good, they will play better than they would if they thought of themselves as a crappy team. A good smackdown for Mack Brown would really help us.
Nah, I'd rather them to come in to being on top so we perform against a better team, plus we beat them on a high horse...then I beleive we really need some Ranked wins to get a good look...but I believe we will still beat them...I don't think they will survive...I haven't seen Tech play, or aTm at that....
May 27, 2011
Almost Stillwater!
Some big storms.... It's hard to tell looking at the Radar whether or not they'll hit Tulsa... The way they're going it looks like they would miss just to the north of Tulsa....

I'll be pissed if they have to cancel the game because of lightning... It looks like the storms will get there just at or after 9:00...
Jul 22, 2004
Looks likely for a game delay. Severe thunderstorm warning issued for Tulsa county until 9:15. Storms have started moving SE. Storms may be over around 9:15 but will likely delay the pre game warmups and festivities.

If you are out tailgating start tearing down.