Official Game Thread: TCU vs. Oklahoma State

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Nov 14, 2010
Lots of trips to the field

To attack the TCU secondary you need to force them to declare 1/4's coverage.

To do that you need to be in 10 personnel, meaning 1 back no tight end.

The reason is, if you have 4 receivers, their safeties get put in conflict between pass and run.

At that point you RPO their safeties 'til the cows come home"

We need to run to the boundary to get their extra safety to bracket the RPO to the field which in essence puts them in cover 6, meaning cover 4 to the boundary and cover 2 to the field.

At that point, heavy run away from that back to the boundary.

This defense gives away very specific things, but the things it does give away it can't stop. IE Pittsburgh a couple years ago.
Nov 18, 2010
Let's just run the wishbone. We've got the right athletes for that.
I like Stoner, but he isn't Wallace. And Spencer just isn't that accurate at this point in his career.
Nov 14, 2010
Notice the 10 personnel which is forcing TCU to declare 1/4's coverage

Then read option
Qb scramble to the boundary

Thats how you beat this defense

Now throw the damn ball to Woods in the Red Zone