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Jun 20, 2008
Ardmore, OK
Anyone else feel (no matter how this turns out) that Houston right after Georgia was bad scheduling?
No. If we were as good as we claim to be, then we would have had no trouble with a team like Houston. Not dissing them - they're good. But if we can't beat Houston, we certainly can't beat Texas or Florida.


Banned to Bedlam & Flame
Nov 11, 2007
Our Pass Defense is Still hurting us to many Stupid Penalties and turnovers.!
Short Stay at number 5. Defense didn't play well against pass which I was afraid of. Still Offense could have helped by putting some more points up in first half to give D some time to rest. We will drop below sooners after this for sure.
Jul 9, 2008
Dez has not played well at all this year. Seems like he is more worried about talking smack than playing. Doesn't look like same Dez from last year