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Lettin' the high times carry the low....
A/V Subscriber
Oct 31, 2005
Georgia win means diddly squat now......

We lose 7 if we play like that the rest of the year.

Dream seasons OVER because this stink doesn't wash off....run the rest of the table and it would have been an MNC year if you just showed up for HOUSTON at HOME....lose one more no BCS game but it could have been if you just showed up for HOUSTON at HOME..... Lets hope we regroup and we can make the Cotton.

Way to bring the SUCK Pokes!!!

Play Cowboys 4Ever to make this the worst day of the year.
Jun 20, 2008
Ardmore, OK
Oh please. Some of you sound like the Sooners after they lost to BYU. We didn't do anything wrong by scheduling Houston, and frankly, I'd rather find out that we have problems now instead of waiting for Big XII play. Maybe they'll fix some of the problems before we have to face OU, Texas, Tech, and Baylor - which could lead us to a halfway decent bowl.
Jul 9, 2008
That was a stupid, stupid, stupid call by Gundy to not take the sure points. Stupid.
GuessI don't get what your saying. We were down 10, you have to go for 6 there. A lot easier to pick up the feild goal after onside kick with 30 sec left than go the legnth of the field and get a td.
Sep 16, 2004
I'm not going doomsday here. We have to play MUCH better than this, but if we get our guys healthy, we can still make a run for the Big XII and a BCS game.

But I have to say, this one hurts a lot. Ouch!
Oct 22, 2008
Austin, Tx
At least we found out early who we are. We're 8-4 or 9-3 OSU still. That's a big step up from the past. At least we got to dream this year. I'm afraid with Gundy as our coach, that may be our highwater mark. Could be worse. We could still be Colorado bad. I'll take what crumbs I can get.