OSU Baseball in Big XII Tournament thread

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MT Cowboy

'S Go
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Sep 28, 2013
Once again this conference officiating finds a way to screw us. How in gods name is that indisputable evidence to overturn that call!? Screwed once on not being able to plainly see the tag applied with Davis stealing third against WVU, same with Brown stealing third against TCU, and now YET AGAIN against rapelor. What a clown show replay is. Horrible.
Mar 17, 2006
Edmond, Ok
Fly out to CF
Groundball to SS, throw gets away, runner advances to 2nd, and then to 3rd when no one is covering. Hit and an error
Groundout to SS, run scores
Strikeout swinging

OSU gives an unearned run, 1-1
Aug 13, 2005
Plenty of good seats available. Any noise echos and can even hear coaches yelling. Terrible idea to play in a mlb park. Needs to be played in a minor league stadium in tulsa, okc, or frisco every year.
Maybe 500 fans at the game. This is an awful major league ball park. I guess it could be good for Concerts. It’s not raining so open the roof. Only way to hit a HR is line drive.

McLean error wasn’t covering his base.