OSU College Baseball Chat

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Mar 1, 2005
Enid, Oklahoma
Was watching the live chat on perfectgame.org. Just a little something about the Cowboys. We all probably figured as much...the A&M series will be huge!

Great question. The Cowboys are tied with Texas A&M and Texas for second place in the league. But good news for the Pokes, they finish the regular season with A&M at home for a three-game series. Should the Pokes win that series, I have little doubt they'll make the field. Lose that series and they might need to really impress in the Big 12 tournament. Still, RPI/overall resume not very good.


Comment From Matt
To expand on Andy's question, what about Oklahoma State? The Cowboys are hot, but still have an RPI in the mid-80's. What do they need to do to get in the NCAA Tournament? Is finishing 2nd or 3rd in the Big 12 good enough?
Dec 15, 2004
so......IF they continue to finish winning at their current pace (current referring to the last five weeks), then they would be somewhere around 20-7 over the last seven weeks of the season......against mostly ranked competition......how is that not MORE important than early season games (with losses in some) against low-RPI teams???
The basketball committee takes a very hard look at "the last ten games" when they select...............why shouldn't baseball have to do the same (or similar)......and basketball has started to "discount" the RPI more and more the past few years........