OSU v. WVU Post-game thoughts

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Aug 8, 2005
Oklahoma City
But you CAN blame the OC when you shred WVU's defense out of the half with seam-routes and the Diamond Formation, and then completely abandon those plays. Or calling a fade on 2nd and 1. Or continuing to hand the ball to Smith when Roland has been the productive option all day. You can definitely blame the OC for those things.
That call cost us the game in my opinion, what happened to the QB sneak or FB up the middle, we need to go under center when we are inside the one and need a win, sometimes we need to play real FB and cut out the gimmicks


Joshua 1:9
Aug 20, 2004

My greatest hope right now is that I don't think we could play that bad all at once again. I have been proven wrong in that hope multiple times in OSU's past, but it is my hope now.

Walsh looked bad but go little to no help from anyone. He is young and tried to do too much.

Offensive line looks terrible.

Smith has forgotten how to run, plus bad line, equals crap performance.

Roland should have gotten more work.

I hope Seales and Stewart ok!

Defense played well and hard. Considering the offensive inability to do much of anything they were out there a lot. We would have been rolled by 30 in years past.

Special Teams is a nightmare. No words for that debacle.

I am not sure Yurcich has a clue. 2nd and goal from the 1inch line and he throws a fade to Tracy Moore? Why? On 3rd down runs a sweep outside? So dumb.

I am not mad at the kicker cause he is young, but man he is bad right now.
Jan 1, 2008
I just wish once we could play a game and not worry about the player's delicate sensibilities. If a person is not getting the job done - go with the next guy and if that guy can't do it go to the next. I would so much rather win than not have controversy. Not wanting controversy cost us our best fit QB (<- my opinion).
Jul 24, 2007
Bottom line is we must figure out a way to stretch the field. Every team will play us this way. Bring the heat, knowing the QB can not get the ball to the receivers that are open deep. This was a very troubling game for me, because I think it exposed weeknesses in talent more than just poor play.
Nov 27, 2005
I can understand if Gundy stick with Walsh if Walsh is the answer but he is not. We will not win the Big 12 with Walsh. His passing game is too eractic. He missed wide open receivers and throws too many interceptions. We are going to lose more games with Walsh and Chelf looks a lot better last year when he started. Not sure Chelf got a fair shake with only couple of plays in the first game. One thing that is clear is Walsh shows that he is not the answer in the last two games he played. Also, I am not how much is it is the fault of our new OC but he certainly made some weird call today, especially the pass call on 2nd down at the goal line. We have 4 downs to punch it in and we ended up with zero points. That call probably cost us our game today


Joe Rugby
A/V Subscriber
Jun 10, 2008
Oklahoma City, OK
I hope Stewart and Seales are okay long-term. They probably won’t play next week against KSU and we probably won’t know the extent of their injuries anyway with Gundy’s policy.
Jun 24, 2011
Since some on this board think the reason we got our asses kicked at Arizona last year was due to traveling west into a different time zone, wouldn't that mean we should play better by traveling east into a different time zone??