PFB - Daily Bullets (Feb. 28): Cade Did What to Who?

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
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The Cowboys beat the No. 7 Sooners in Norman, in overtime, in the wake of an absolute monster game from Cade Cunningham. So where else would we start?

OSU Bullets

• Marshall shared 10 Thoughts on the Cowboys’ momentous win and they are, as always, required reading.

• I wrote about Cade’s career game and why we should savor these moments while we still have them.

• The internet went
during, and after, the win. I can’t wait for Monday night.

• Dan Wolken says Cade’s the No. 1 pick and we should all stop pretending that it’s even a conversation anymore.

What he did against Oklahoma, though, was a completely different level of dominance, where the ball was in his hands every possession down the stretch and he found a way to make good things happen almost every time down the floor. That kind of skill and size combined with the ability to play under control makes him the easy No. 1 pick in this draft. But if he can continue to play like that for the next few weeks, Cunningham could carry Oklahoma State a long way. [USA Today]

• Guerin Emig also wrote about Cade’s big game and how his talent stacks up against the nation’s best like Luka Garza, Jared Butler and Jalen Suggs.

Wonderful players, absolutely, but none with the variety of tools in Cunningham’s kit.

What a treat to see Cunningham put them all to use in a game like Bedlam.

What a thrill it would be if he goes to work in even bigger moments during college basketball’s brightest month. [Tulsa World]

• Elsewhere in Cowboy country, Josh Holliday’s Pokes remained unbeaten thanks to an 8-2 win over Illinois State. They’ll attempt to complete the series sweep on Sunday at 1 p.m. in O’Brate Stadium.

@MathisBrock sends this one into the Cowboys bullpen and makes the score 8-0 Pokes#MakeItHappen #GoPokes

— OSU Cowboy Baseball (@osubaseball) February 27, 2021

• Checking in with a future Cowboy.

Yeah.. best decision I’ve ever made #GoPokes #LetsRide22

— Garret Rangel (@GarretRangel) February 27, 2021
Non-OSU Bullets

• On how the lack of fans (and those teams that are allowing some) are affecting NBA games this season. [The Ringer]

• The right to disconnect and why email is making us miserable. [The New Yorker]

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