PFB - OSU Wrestling: Jakason Burks Enters Transfer Portal

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
Oklahoma State freshman Jakason Burks has announced via Twitter he’s entering the transfer portal.

Thank you OSU for all your support! I appreciate everything that I have gained this year and I hope you guys support my decision. Love

— Jakason Burks (Juh-Kay-Son) (@jakasonburks) May 10, 2021

Burks went 6-2 as a true freshman this season and was the starter for one of the Bedlam duals at 141 pounds, up a few weights from where he was most of the season.

Burks was the No. 15 recruit in his class at the time of his commitment. He was a multiple-time Fargo finalist and state champion in Nebraska. He competed at 125 for the majority of the season but started at 141 for the Bedlam dual in Stillwater.

The Cowboys seem to be in a good spot at 125 with Trevor Mastrogiovanni, who started this past season as a true freshman.

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