PFB - Social Media Was on Fire After Dax Hill Committed to Michigan

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OP News

Feb 17, 2018
The Cowboys missed out on Dax Hill, the No. 1 in-state prospect and younger brother of All-Big 12 running back Justice Hill. Hill committed to University of Michigan over other finalists including Alabama, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma and Clemson. Pulling the Booker T. Washington defensive back would have been a coup for the Pokes, for sure.

As expected, most of your timelines went ablaze when he dropped the news. Here are some of the highlights.

Family first.

Much appreciated bro

— Dirty30 (@daxhill5) September 19, 2018

Justice Hill’s younger brother Dax commits to Michigan. The Tulsa native DB is the No. 14 overall prospect in the 2019 recruiting class. Tough blow for OU, Oklahoma St., which were both hoping to keep him in state.

— Jake Trotter (@Jake_Trotter) September 19, 2018

One of the most talented #OKPreps recruits I've covered in the nine years been doing this. Congrats, @daxhill5:

— Bob Przybylo (@BPrzybylo) September 19, 2018

Dax to Michigan stinks for Oklahoma folks that won’t get to watch him in person in college, but happy for him and glad he found a fit. I can’t wait to see him be drafted No. 1 overall in 2022. Dude is a special talent

— Kyle Boone (@PFBoone) September 19, 2018

As you would expect, there are some grieving as their team missed on the top DB in the nation.

I just had a dream, the year was 2019, 5
Dax Hill and 5
Caden Sterns were the starting safeties for Oklahoma State.

I just woke up.

(@SQUALLA_WISDOM) September 19, 2018

But there were plenty of happy Go Blue fans too, as you could imagine.

We just got a huge impact player tonight! The future is so bright and this class is special! Wolverine nation just got one of the best in the country! #GoBlue #GoonSquad19 Michigan staff right now is like:

— Sherrone Moore (@Coach_SMoore) September 19, 2018


— Michigan Por Vida (@MichiganPorVida) September 19, 2018

"Dax Hill is a Bama lock"

— True to the Blue (@SupportUofM) September 19, 2018

Don Brown’s a genius. He knew Dax Hill was watching and exposed his current safeties to show how Dax is needed. Really next level stuff

— J. Christopher (@harringtunes) September 16, 2018

Here’s why Dax Hill is a five star.

— Orion Sang (@orion_sang) September 19, 2018

VIP: #Michigan scores their biggest commitment under Jim Harbaugh IMO with Daxton Hill; when did #Michigan know? A few MVPs as well:

— Steve Lorenz (@TremendousUM) September 19, 2018

.@daxhill5 my week has been ruined. Dax, I wish you all the best at Michigan!! Go ball and enjoy your college experience!! Hate that we missed on you but you’re a hell of a player and I can’t wait to watch you on Saturday!

— Daxton Hill To Alabama (@ToDaxton) September 19, 2018

Good luck! All the best for ya.#Boomer

— Lincoln b. Riley (@BruceSoonerdude) September 19, 2018

And, if you need more Dax, need to make sense of it all of just need some consolation…

.@DustRagu and I are going to record an emergency pod on Dax. Send us your questions, we'll try to make it a mailbag exclusive discussion.

— Kyle Boone (@PFBoone) September 19, 2018

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