Prayers needed please...

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Rob B.

A/V Subscriber
Aug 13, 2007
Rockin' the GL.
I know everyone is pumped over the big win, but please remember the little Poke in your thoughts. Here's an update from his parents, Lacey and Nick.

"Ryker is done with his third surgery now... They stitched a spot on his heart that was bleeding and packed his heart to help with the bleeding now we wait a few hours. A cardiac cath has been ordered for today so they can get in there and see what's going on! Like I said before... Ryker is a two step forward one step b...ack kind of guy! Our surgeon keeps referring to him as a "little turkey"! He is so strong! Our nurse is telling us it's time for mommy and daddy to take a nap while we can! I know everyone is but we need a lot of prayers right now! We are so thankful! God bless!"

Hang in there Little Man, you got this.


Federal Marshal
Sep 20, 2006
prayers sent. i did anesthesia for open hearts on babies for a couple of months. absolutely gut wrenching. i lost about 12 lbs.


Sweet baby boy - Jesus is with them and He is the ultimate Healer. Prayers for the entire family through this trying time.