Pumpkin Carving: Any Logos on Realistic Foam Pumpkins

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Master in the art of Gemütlichkeit
Jun 11, 2006
Yukon, Oklahoma:
For the past few years I have been carving logos on foam pumpkins. I can do company and sports logos as well as anything custom and even portraits.

Logos start at $45 including the pumpkin and go up depending on the detail or letters. Portraits are $100. I will include a box and light for an additional $15. These make great unique gifts and last a lifetime if handled with care.

Here is a few examples of some I have done for myself and by request. I am working on getting a crafter's license from OSU now, but these were for me personally. If you want me to do a particular logo, just email me the design and I'll do all the carving.