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Nov 1, 2009
Couple big memories of that game for me were Josh Stewart, as a freshman, making a couple of really big catches & giving us a glimpse of how good he was gonna be.

And Markelle Martin's hit to cause the fumble at a critical moment. Think it was mid 4th quarter, but I could be wrong.
Best was Blackmon’s TD - worst was Blackmon’s (almost) TD
Feb 27, 2018
Posted on recruiting thread as well, but in case you only visit this forum... from Guerin Emig...

Jordan Reagan sits on a bench on his Bixby High School campus, leaning back comfortably, legs crossed, informing me that if he wasn’t giving an interview on this breezy Sunday afternoon he might be sleeping.

“That or hanging out with friends,” he says in a tone as tranquil as his pose. “Going to get sno-cones or something.”

Here we imagine Reagan is a fairly typical 18-year-old dude. He values his time, his buddies, a snack and some rest. He wears an earring and a clutter of friendship bracelets.

Another band on his left wrist, though, gives him away. It’s white with orange print that says “Let’s Ride.” It’s from Oklahoma State, the school Reagan committed to last week.

“I feel really good about it,” Reagan says of his pledge to join the Cowboys after one more season at Bixby. “I was waiting for the time to be right. It seemed to be right.”

Reagan, rated a three-star prospect by national recruiting services, really likes Tim Duffie, the OSU cornerbacks coach who led his recruitment. He appreciates the “mellow, relaxed” vibe he gets from Mike Gundy. He looks forward to reuniting with Bryce Bray and Brendon Evers, Bixby alumni on Gundy’s roster.

He looks forward to making his own mark.
Also, fyi for when OSU visits TU next season (Sept 14)...

The University of Tulsa will implement a clear bag policy for football and basketball games in 2019-20, the school announced Monday.

The policy regulates the size and type of bag that may be carried into TU venues. The measure is also intended to minimize time spent searching bags at gate security checkpoints, easing access into the stadium.

“We believe this policy is an important enhancement to the security measures that we already have in place at our venues, and will help make stadium access more efficient and quicker for our patrons,” said Dr. Derrick Gragg, TU vice president & director of athletics, in a news release.

Fans are encouraged not to bring unauthorized types of bags inside Chapman Stadium and the Reynolds Center during football and men’s and women’s basketball games; however, the following bags are permitted:[/quote
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