Ring of Honor

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Feb 7, 2005
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I thought we're now SafetyU
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Sometimes commentators also get in, guys like Bill Teigen's who died in the crash or Dave Hunsicker in the future. I think Harry Carey is in it in Chi-town?
Bill should definitely be up there.
One name not mentioned who deserves consideration as a player and a coach is Mike Gundy. Aside from Boone (and I think that could even be debated) no one has done more for where we are today than Gundy.

I know he’s still coach but wasn’t Eddie when the court was named for him? Outside of naming it Gundy Field at BPS we need to honor him. Maybe we wait until he’s no longer here and he would probably want it that way. But I would have zero problem w his name maybe not next year (my vote would be Fennimore and Armstrong) being added while he’s still coach.
Like Gundy but Boone already has his own ring of honor. It’s the second ring down but his name is 3x the size of everyone else’s. And it’s backlit. It’d be cool to due the honor ring backwards of his. Orange letters with black light backlit.


Sep 2, 2014
Let’s keep it a pretty exclusive club. Limited membership. Inducting someone every year will cheapen the honor

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exactly. Reminds me of Arrowhead Stadium…Pretty sure if you made the pro bowl your name is in the Chiefs Ring of Honor. Takes away from it to just make it a policy to add someone every year.

Maybe the next 5 years or so to play catch up, but then it need to be a very high bar to hurdle to get in.
Sep 8, 2004
I agree that some real ground needs to be made in fixing this relationship. Criticize me all you want but he's one of the best WR in the league right now and having him here for an induction on a big recruiting weekend could be nice.
No! It would be an embarrassment to the university to kick someone off the team then come groveling back just because he had success later. No! No! No!!!
Mar 8, 2010
Regarding Chester Pittman, I remember a preseason football magazine that came out with a photograph of Fullback Jim Dillard and Halfway Chester Pittman with the following caption: “The Cowboys’ Gun Smoke Backfield featuring Mr. Diilard and Chester.” A pretty good combination back then on a bad team. Bill Platt called Jim Dillard the “Fairfax Freighter” Of course Jim’s son, JR would later be a starting tight end for OSU.