Rx's Summer Thread #1: How did you fall in love with OSU?

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Jan 13, 2008
Corinth, TX & Graz, Austria
That was my freshman year at OSU too. Was at the game and couldn’t believe that play. By the time we got back to the frat house someone had already posted pics of Parker all over the house saying “If you see this guy, kill him.”
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Freshman year was the dropped pass in the end zone for the bedlam loss. Had to live on the football floor since my roommate was 3rd maybe 5th string kicker. Knew most of the players before they moved all into one dorm. They’re the reasons I love you OSU football.
1988-89 was also my Freshman year. Grew up an OU fan, but chose OSU after visiting both. The OSU Engineering department was much more friendlier, the OSU campus was much nicer, and OSU's Electrical Engr degree was rated slightly higher.

The 1988 Bedlam game was when I fell in love with OSU. Completely changed my opinion of OU fans. Go Pokes.


Orange is power.
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Jan 13, 2005
Sand Springs, OK
My parents met at oSu and my Dad also finished veterinarian school there. So they spent 8 or so years in Stillwater and both became avid fans. I joke with people that very early in life my parents taught me the alphabet and the oSu fight song...but probably not in that order. My older sister is an '01 grad, my cousin played DE for the cowboys from 1997-02. I can show you on campus where my parents had their first kiss, where I held my nephew for the first time, the first house my parents lived in as a married couple...and exactly where I was when my oSu fandom went from parental brainwashing to personal. Sadly it was in 1988 at Lewis Field during bedlam (I was 8 years old). I had watched Barry run in person earlier that year and he completely captured my imagination. I was able to see him again in bedlam. The energy and comradery that I felt at Lewis Field that day will forever be etched into my brain. So will hearing "poor aggies" chanted over and over after we lost. So I guess you could say the day my blood turned orange was also the day my hate for crimson was born.

It's a great school in a great town and I just recently signed a contract for a new job in that great town!


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Sep 9, 2007
Piedmont, OK
I made a series of decisions that unknowingly led to me OSU. I knew NOTHING about OSU growing up. Born in OK but mostly raised in Texas, I was raised anti-OU (aka "right"). I made the decision to move back to Oklahoma to pursue Music. Moved before 11th grade so I would be eligible for in-state tuition and was going to go to OCU for music. At that point, still no clue about OSU. Fast forward to spring semester of 12th grade, after getting a scholarship offer to OCU, I threw my parent's a curveball that they didn't see coming having spent my entire adolescence heading the direction of music. I decided that I didn't want to be a music major. I enjoyed playing music too much to make it a job and I didn't want to teach. That really didn't leave any other options there. I decided to go the engineering route and since I obviously wasn't going to OU for that, I went for OSU by default. My parents thought it'd be good for me to go to this "Camp Cowboy" thing and that's where it all actually started. I was hooked after that and there was no looking back.

It's strange though. Even though I never knew anything about OSU until I decided to change my path right as I was about to graduate high school, my favorite color going back to childhood had always been orange. I even had a pair of orange pants in high school for crying out loud. I didn't know about OSU, Pistol Pete or the Orange and Black but somehow Orange was always my favorite color. I guess it was just destiny. :D
Jun 13, 2010
18 or so years ago when I was graduating HS, I was offered a full-ride by both OU/OSU through the newly minted OHLAP program. I had decent but not amazing grades, but bc my parents were lower-income, I had that amazing scholarship opportunity. I think the state discontinued the program? Hope not, but it would be a shame.

Nonetheless, I toured both OU and OSU. OU made a very bad impression. OSU campus, as always, made a remarkable impression. I was sold and have been a Cowboy ever since!

I got a great education, applied myself at OSU, and was able to get a scholarship for my JD afterward. I did very well because of OSU and I pay that back every year. The best thing about OSU is we take kids where they are and raise them more than any other school they could go to.
Feb 8, 2008
Bentonville, AR
When I was a kid my dad did some work inside Eddie Suttons's office the first year he was here. We got tickets to basketball and football. I feel in love with OSU basketball. I love Byron Houston.
Jul 5, 2020
Broken Arrow
My story was a relatively long-term, uninspired story so I'll cut to the chase. Grew up in an exclusively ou home and with extended family who were all crimson through and through. Through those same family members I met and visited with Bobby Murcer and Allie Reynolds in 1977. The latter had interesting stories about OA&M which gave me my first reason to consider something other than ou. Attended some baseball games the following season which was Ward's first season and enjoyed the campus and people. Periodically visited during the next couple of years but still hadn't yet formally applied, let alone "fallen in love" with it. About 1/3 of my friends were going to ou, a 1/3 to OSU, and many others to KU and Arkansas. On a cold day in November or December 1980 my butt hadn't been in my seat for English class 2 minutes when I just randomly decided I wanted to go here. I didn't feel like waiting to go through the mailing process so I got up, walked out, drove to Stillwater in the light snow, and applied and paid some basic fees. It was really during the course of the next 4 years I fell in love with it.
May 4, 2011
Charleston, SC
Watching fans during the final four run in 2004. I was between both schools until then. I also hated football at the time and liked the idea of watching a sport besides football with an intense crowd. It quickly set in that OSU was the on in state option for that. Also, I went to a OU game in Norman and that stadium was truly awful (girlfriend at the time liked football and was an OU legacy). Choosing between that stadium and GIA was easy. Then, experiencing GIA for the sweet 16 run as a freshman sealed my love for OSU basketball.