Sherman Gilbert

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Alcoholistic Sage
A/V Subscriber
Mar 11, 2009
Hopefully our Cowboys starting left tackle in 17-18 years. lol. Thats my one year old.
He needs to be in an Okung jersey.:D

As to the original question, as an athlete definitely because we may be able to develop him on either side of the ball. Plus he can return kicks with his brother.:cool:
Feb 16, 2010
Banned to Recruiting
I think he ends up here. I believe I've read he really wants to be here. Will just depend on where we end up on scholarships. I don't think he has any offers at the moment. At least not big time D1 offers. Maybe he could be a preferred walk-on?
I remember someone saying that he planned on walking on here, but I'm to lazy to look it up and I don't remember where it was.