Tatum Bell Autographed Broncos Jersey

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Sep 3, 2007
I have an autographed Tatum Bell Denver Broncos jersey with certificate of authenticity. I am mostly looking to trade for another autographed item. Would like another jersey, but would also consider helmet/football/card/picture if it were a good deal. I really dont know how much this would be worth, i guess the value is really in the eye of the person interested. I know he was a flop in the NFL but he was great at OSU. I really wish this were an OSU jersey and not a Broncos jersey, but oh well. Im going to be honest, when i first got it, I pinned it up with a pin in each shoulder, so there are small holes in the material on each shoulder, otherwise its never been worn or anything and has the original tag. Again, since I believe the value will be different to different people, I am not going to list a price and let you make me an offer. I will ask nicely not to low ball me and I will not expect too much. If you are interested or have any other questions you can shoot me a message. Keep in mind I am in Columbia Missouri, so this and any trades would need to be shipped.

thanks for looking