Texas Bowl vs aTm

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Oct 16, 2003
Edmond, OK
If OU/Baylor/ISU/TX/TCU all win this weekend, OU and Baylor would be tied for first, Iowa State would be alone in 3rd and Texas and OSU would be tied for 4th. My guess is the Bowls would be:

NY6 - Oklahoma
NY6 - Baylor
Alamo - Iowa State
Orlando - Texas
Houston - Okla State
Liberty - Kansas State
Cheez It - TCU.

If the Big-12 doesn't get two teams in the NY6 Bowls, then things would adjust down a spot.

If OSU were to win Bedlam, I think that would put us tied for 3rd with ISU who we beat head-to-head. I would think that would make us a lock for the Alamo as long as 2 Big-12 teams make the NY6 Bowls.

If Kansas State were to beat Iowa State, I think that gives us 3rd outright and a lock for the Alamo Bowl.
Aug 7, 2006
Tough to tell right now because we don't know what will happen with the playoffs and NY6 bowls. It looks like we're pretty much a lock for either the Alamo, CW or Houston bowl. I tend to think the CW Bowl would like to take Iowa State, if all things were equal... which they would be if we lose to OU. If we were to beat OU that might be enough to lock up the CW Bowl with an outside shot at the Alamo Bowl, but I think it would be tough for them to pass on a 10-win Baylor or OU.
Feb 15, 2017
Don't forget that the bowl committee likes ranked teams.
KSU or ISU or TX are not going to be ranked with a win this weekend. We are ranked but will drop out with a loss to 0U- unless in OT or some fashion. So the "head-to-head" is kind of out the window with unranked teams.

And when we beat 0U, then they'll drop and we'll rise in the ranking. Maybe we go up to #16 and they drop to #11. Then 0u has to play Baylor and if they lose that one . .. . then I think we'd be the 2nd highest ranked team in the Big 12 . . .

If you're gonna dream, dream big !
Oct 16, 2003
Edmond, OK
The other issue is overall records....

There will only be 4 teams from the Big-12 with at least 8 regular season wins.

- Oklahoma
- Baylor
- Oklahoma State
- Winner of Iowa State/Kansas State on Saturday.

So in that regard, we may have the inside track to the #3 Bowl pick in that we would have the head-to-head over either Iowa State or Kansas State. And, we likely (even at 8-4) will be ranked and that for sure puts us ahead of Texas. Plus, Texas can only get to 7 wins at best.

So it would be great for Kansas State to help us out by beating Iowa State and making sure they don't finish with more Big-12 wins than us. But we still have a very favorable resume compared to the ISU/KSU winner regardless of outcome.
Nov 18, 2010
Whenever I read these bowl threads, I'm reminded of how absolutely absurd college football's postseason is.

Imagine the NFL only allowed 4 teams into the playoffs, and they used 'eye tests' to select those four teams. And the other .500 or better teams just played random opponents in random cities. And they told us it'll be another 10-20 years before we could have a real playoff, because...reasons.

One of the greatest sports on earth has THE dumbest postseason in the history of sports.
Feb 15, 2017
College Football has quite a bit different history than the NFL.

It used to be very rare to play a game outside your conference and if so, it was just a local opponent.

The football Bowl System was a way to get match ups that never happened in cities that the players would probably never otherwise visit. It never was a method to crown a Champ.

NCAA moves very slowly.
Feb 15, 2017
Everything out there says if we beat 0U, then we go to a worse bowl game (i.e. no 0U in CFP or NY6 so everyone drops down a spot).

IF, BU loses to Kansas and then to 0U, how low do they drop in the rankings ?
If we beat 0U how high do we rise in the rankings ?
Bu would be 10-3 and we'd be 9-3. Their best win would be over us. Our best win would be over 0U.
Beat 0U and we move up 5 spots ?
Lose to KU and BU drops 5 spots ? Lose again to 0U and they drop a few more spots ?

Isn't that a scenario where we pass BU in the rankings and thus with the Bowl committees free to pick who they want and we could go to Alamo with Sooners in the Sugar ?
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Jan 16, 2019
Punta Gorda, Florida
I am hoping for the CW against Notre Dame. Would love to see us play the Irish. It's only a 2 hour for me, so that's sweet. If we loose, we could drop all the way down to the liberty bowl. I went last year, I would not make the trip again this year.


It seemed like a good idea at the time
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Aug 24, 2007
Same ole bowl thread every year...

"We won't even be bowl eligible."
"Even if we get 6 wins, we don't deserve a bowl."
"We deserve a much better bowl than that, we're being disrespected."
" Crap, we'll never beat that team in a bowl."

then after the bowl...
"I told you all along we were better than the polls show!"

It's nice to know there are some things you can count on.:thumbup:
Dec 6, 2011
Committee seems hell bent on getting two SEC teams in, already moving LSU down so they won’t have to play Georgia in the first ‘round’. It’s ridiculous how someone like Utah always is on the outside in these situations. I’m really rooting for auburn to take out Bama to shut that angle up for good.

They want the big exposure and ratings that come with blue bloods. Ohio State absolutely looks like the best team with LSU having a great resume...both teams deserve it if they win their conference, which isn’t a forgone conclusion by any means. The other two teams just look like money grabs...I really don’t want to watch Bama, tOSU, Clemson, Georgia, Notre Dame, and LSU being the only teams with a shot every year.

That being said it kills me this ‘system’ wasn’t around in 2011...I’m fairly confident we’d have gotten Gundy a ring that year regardless who was ‘in’. Make it 8 teams of 5 P5, 1 G5 and two at-large.


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Aug 11, 2011
Oh, here come the posters that never seem to post unless something goes wrong. If you don't post on the normal boards when things are going good then why come here at all?

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Oct 13, 2004
Until they expand the playoff to 8, you’re going to be disappointed.
I would argue with whomever is coach...certainly we would have made it in 2011 with Gundy in a four team format...that's just an outlier year...could it happen again? Sure, but I'm not going to be disappointed with the team when they achieve a mid-level bowl. If we get a bowl win it's a 9 win season...yeah last night sucked, but it was only one game...move on and suck it up....put on your big boy pants and keep going.
Mar 21, 2005
Where are even at in the Big 12 standings at this point? I know there's a log jam from 3-6, but how does that shake out with tie breakers?
We’re tied for 3rd at 5-4 with Iowa State, K-State and Texas. While Iowa State and Texas are 7-5 overall, we’re 8-4 overall along with K-State. Tiebreakers are only used to decide the two teams for conference championship. No tiebreak rules for the rest of the season standings. And bowls obviously can choose any representative based on their selection order so we “could” be anywhere from the 3rd to 6th big 12 selection