The OFFICIAL Realignment Meltdown Thread

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Apr 20, 2006
Wherever I May Roam
While it certainly looks like Texas got what it wanted, I'm still waiting for the dust to settle. Until the OU and OSU release statements committing to the Big 12, I'm not counting this one done.
This is a valid point. OU and OSU haven't yet released statements committing to the Big Horn Sinkhole. I really REALLY hope they have a backup plan...including but not limited to going to Larry Scott and saying "Tuck Fexas, we wanted to bring KU and KSU with us anyway!" Who knows at this point.


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Oct 15, 2008
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I'd rather just strangle it from the inside. The conference will never recover. It's just going to drain the life out of the schools and fans until it's terminated. The only two who come out okay are Texas (obviously) and Baylor cause they'll take anything to be in the Big XII. I'd rather never play those two schools ever again.
That's the truth and certain people (we all know who they are) who like to pretend that we'll be able to rebuild the Big 12 into a place of love, happiness, harmony, impregnable football power, and ironclad legal contracts are damn fools. Period.
Jan 25, 2011
While it certainly looks like Texas got what it wanted, I'm still waiting for the dust to settle. Until the OU and OSU release statements committing to the Big 12, I'm not counting this one done.
Exactly my thoughts... uo and OSU have not made themselves available to this point. If Mizzu is gone and the SEC goes to 14 I am betting the PAC will be ready to make a move at that point.
Sep 28, 2007
OKC Metro
With who, exactly? Who in their right mind would want to join this piece of :poo: conference?? OTHER than SMU, I mean.

Nobody, that's who. They see Texas as the cancer they are and don't want any part of it. I can't blame them. The ones that already are affiliated with them want OUT.

All I can really say right now is that I hope OU and OSU had a backup plan...I can tolerate not going to the Pac, but I don't know if I can tolerate being stuck in this conference with Texas.
Whether or not you like it, the state of Oklahoma is very tied to the state of Texas and so are our schools. Texas is a vibrant growing state. It will be as large as California in 20 years or so. It's too bad that aTm has moved to the SEC but that's the way it is and there's nothing we can do about that now. But we can build a better Big 12 Conference by adding stability to the conference. That CAN be done with a lot of work by the schools within the Big 12. A few years of stability and money will do wonders for attracting quality universities. As you ALL know, I never felt the PAC was the right move for oSu or ou. Neither did Gundy or Boone. It's my impression that most people for the realignment were focused almost solely on the money. It's more than about the short term money boost. It's about the future of this part of the country.
Sep 3, 2004
Maybe it's posturing, maybe not. Maybe we've been hooked on horns. That is, they don't want any part of the Texas mess and are just leaving OU and us stuck with it.
Aug 8, 2005
Oklahoma City
The SEC said the same thing a few weeks ago, this could be posturing or it could be they don't want to deal with the potential lawsuits and the mess of dealing with Texas, O-State should have bolted for the Pac-12 when they had the chance, I think it can still happen, but it may come down to the Big 12 getting thier act together


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Oct 27, 2008
No wonder Boone was trying to get A&M to re-consider. He knew.
Who really knows anything at this point, including the people who are "in the know". It is highly entertaining and gut wrenching at the same time. It is possible that Boone knew that the pac would issue that statement. It is possible that Boone giving his statement gave the PAC pause with moving forward. It is even possible that UT threatened to never allow either Oklahoma school to play in the state of Texas if we applied to the PAC12. (whoa, did i just type that... get your tinfoil hats.. :eek:).

The only thing that i can be certain of at this point, is that i believe little of what i am reading/hearing, and that i have no idea what sort of crazy hardball $h#t is going on behind the scenes.


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Oct 8, 2010
RT @DeanBlevins: Book this. PrezBoren was told he-#sooners & #okstate-had the votes 2 join #Pac12. There'll be denials everywhere. But that is a fact. #Big12

hmmm, this is an interesting tweet.

So we would of gotten in anyway, if texas didn't screw us over.. Ugh, I really really wish Texas played here this year, the hate would be Seething in BPS