Weeden's newest target in CLE.....

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Dec 6, 2011
...is from our favorite school: Baylor :runaway:

The Browns took Josh Gordon second in the NFL supplemental draft. Which is pretty significant, because they now must forfeit their 2013 second-rd draft pick.


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Jun 20, 2008
This will work out well as long as there aren't any Taco Bell's in Cleveland.
Jan 4, 2005
I know. Just saying, he is on the roster before the cut. Which is a start for a guy who was undrafted.
People in Cleveland have been really impressed with Cooper so far. Now that the Browns took Gordon, Cooper is right on the bubble sitting at probably their #6 or 7 WR. Most teams keep 5 or 6 on their roster, and considering they have Josh Cribbs as one, I'm betting they'll keep 6.

A lot will depend on how he performs in the preseason. And even if he doesn't make the opening day roster, he's got a great shot at making the practice squad and being called up during the season.