Weighing All Senses....We are ranked #3 !

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Jul 25, 2018
Boulder, CO
I've listened to RA for years. I've always known what he is and since he doesn't try to hide it, I've been fine with it and still am.

Lately, listening to him is like listening to someone that is in the middle of something else. It's like he's trying to get a splinter out of his hand while doing a radio show. Lots of umm, annnn, well, ummm. It's brutal.



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Aug 1, 2013
Jim Knowles is impressive. I remember some of his intro videos when he was first hired, and he seems exactly like the type of coach we want. I can only assume that he has autonomy with the defense given his personality and some of the calls we see him make in games.

One of my favorite things about watching his defensive schemes and calls is that he seems to dial up pressure and mix coverages with actual intelligence. It's not random or stupid. He has a good feel for the game, and seems to get our guys in the best position to succeed at a really high rate.

I don't mean this as a direct comparison, per se, but his calls remind me a lot of stuff we've seen from the Patriots over the years. They don't seem to do anything spectacular, but they just seem to play really disciplined, intelligent defense that seems to come up with exactly what's needed when its needed. Nothing jumps off the page about it, but it just works.
The run fits are what are most impressive to me. Ball carriers have nowhere to go.