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    OSU at Texas Tech

    Don't see how coaching had much of anything to do with this loss.
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    Hill to the Ravens

    The XFL will not be in existence
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    Gundy the 11th highest paid college FB coach in the Country

    To associate the coaches salary with team results is one thing that over time works itself out. To demand a guaranteed level of success with salary is wrong on its face due to the factors over which he has no control.. transfers, injury early pro defections, etc.
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    Liberty Bowl Roll Call!

    Because they might lose is not a good reason to miss a bowl game, but to each his own.
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    Signing Day

    I for one am so glad that all of you guys have traveled widely and observed all of the talent available, evaluated same and decided who OSU should offer and how they fill the teams needs rather than looking at star rankings. The blue bloods don't, and don't have to, recruit as hard or evaluate...
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    As much as I would like to beat ou 50% of the time, it is not very likely. Of the teams that have played them at least 10 times, only Notre Dame (2-9) and Texas (46-62) have at least even records. That being said, we have been knocking on the wins door much more frequently and I hope for a...