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Depending on where you’re looking OSU’s ranked anywhere from about 1-3 as a team. Here’s a list of the likely starters, where they rank and what to expect from them.

125-Nick Piccinnini #12

A lot of transfers and graduations have opened up this weight a lot to give OSU a chance to score a lot of points at the NCAA tournament.

Pic was pretty solid in his redshirt year, but did have some injury issues. His best win came when he beat Milhoff from OU pretty handily, but Milhoff did get much better as the year progressed and had a good Big 12 and NCAA tournament becoming a Big 12 champ and All American.

The Big 12 is good at this weight. One could make the argument they're better than the Big 10, which is good for a young kid like Pic. Getting the experience of a tough Big 12 tournament should help him at the NCAA's. #8, 11, 12, and 13 are all in the Big 12.

Interesting thing I’ve heard is he’s getting some push from Eli Hale in the room for the starting spot. I’m sure he’ll still end up with it, but hope it’s more of a thing of Hale turning out to be better than originally thought than Pic slipping. Could be a good thing that he’s getting that from Hale as the season goes.

He'll see #1, 7, 11, 12, 13, 15, 19 all in duals throughout the season and most of them in GIA, so I don't recommend showing up late to home duals because you may miss some good ones.

133-Kaid Brock #7

#1, 2,and 3 are really good. Hopefully Brock can find his way up to their level. I think the talent's there, just not sure if his injury will still be causing any issues.

We'll see him match up with #1, 5, 6, 10, and 13 in duals and all, but 2 of those in GIA.

To me the biggest ? is how banged up is he from last year? If it's not much he could do some really impressive things this year.

What we saw of him last year prior to the injury was really promising. Hopefully it’s more of the same. Really looking forward to watching him in a full season healthy....
An OP Original OSU Wrestling-101
Since it's preseason I'm starting off with sort of a brief overview of OSU wrestling to hopefully sort of help out people that aren't especially avid followers in learning a bit more about the program and sport. I will move into some other stuff as I go. Writing like this is not really in my wheelhouse so I appreciate any feedback, questions, ideas, etc... anyone may have on this as I go. Hope you enjoy it.

It’s no secret that OSU historically is the program of programs in the sport of wrestling. Some people say OSU is to wrestling what the New York Yankees are to baseball. I would argue that the Yankees wish they were to baseball what OSU is to wrestling.

OSU has won 34 NCAA titles had 133 individual champs and 422 all American’s. Those are insane #’s by any standard. It’s just amazing what all this program has done.

They’ve also obviously done well at the 2 next levels of the sport, the Olympics and the UFC. 52 Olympians and 10 gold medalists over a long history of Olympic wrestling, but they’ve also become essentially what Kentucky is to basketball in the world of MMA. Don Frye and Randy Couture are UFC hall of famers and literally legends in the sport of MMA. The current light HWT champ is Daniel Cormier and former welterweight champ is Johny Hendricks. Add to that a # of other guys that have had very good careers in the sport and made big names for themselves in the process.

Currently OSU comes off a NCAA runner up finish and sits as the preseason favorite to win the NCAA team title, but still faces one area that it’s losing in that the wrestlers and overall program can’t do much to change and that’s fan attendance. Most are familiar with the arms race we all see in college football with facilities, money, etc… that help to win football games, but in wrestling there’s also one. Numerous factors come into play in the wrestling arms race, but the main one that anyone reading this can have an...
An OP Original Year Of Champions
There has been a lot of great National Championship stuff posted here by the Athletic Department and others, but I was looking around at some stuff I have, and then @CasperPoke11 asked me about doing a #tbt-like post, so I wrote up some things about what I am now calling the Year of Champions.

1945-46, The Year of Champions, was a unique time at Oklahoma A&M. Edmon Low Library had not yet been built, and Williams Hall was still a dominant feature of the campus. As the school year began, a great deal of the male students still hadn't yet returned from fighting World War II; the fraternity houses had been renamed "Victory Halls" and the women of OAMC lived in them, during the war years.

Even though Pistol Pete was the college's mascot, the standard image of him that is so widely recognized today wasn't really in use. Most of the graphics for athletics used some variation of a cowboy riding a bucking horse, as in these examples that are generally period-correct (perhaps a little later, but I'm confident in saying they are post-war). T-shirt makers, here you go:



We already know about the NCAA championships were earned in basketball in 1945 and 1946, and the wrestling championship in 1946, and yesterday we found out about a football national championship awarded for the 1945 season. No wonder the OU slush fund kicked into high gear after the war - Oklahoma A&M was dominant in nearly every sport, and the Sooners had to do something just to stay competitive.

Bob Fenimore and Neill Armstrong are the two most prominently featured members of the 1945 Oklahoma Aggies football team. But the coach of the team was Jim Lookabaugh, a...
Here are a couple highlight videos of Oklahoma State football commit from week 4 action. We will add to this when more videos become available.

LaMarcus Morton:

Tyon Merchant:

Brock Martin:

Derek Kerstetter:

In this series, we will be trying to keep Oklahoma State fans up to date on how the future Cowboy football players are doing throughout their senior years of high school.

Jelani Woods

Quarterback Jelani Woods plugged the ball in the end zone with rushing scores of 1, 1 and 8 yards. Woods also launched a 42-yard touchdown pass to Dennis Bell, then ran in the 2-point conversion to bring the score to its final margin 28-20 in Cedar Grove’s victory over Lovett. Woods threw for 82 passing yards while Cedar Grove heavily relied on the rushing attack in the game.

Tylan and Tracin Wallace

South Hills was off this week.

JD King

Fitzgerald won 41-14 in their game against Rockdale County. King had 18 carries for 154 yards, 2 TDs, and 2 receptions for 30 yards tonight.

Braydon Johnson

Arlington Bowie was off this week.

Chuba Hubbard


Shamond Greenwood

Garland Lakeview Centennial cruised to a 42-7 win over Frisco Centennial at Toyota Stadium. Greenwood finished the game with six catches for 135 yards and 2 TDs.

Spencer Misko

Midland made a goal line stand with 1:03 left to play, holiding Keller out of the end zone on a rush attempt from the 1 yard line to help Midland (3-1) hold on to the win at Keller ISD Stadium.

Dan Moore Jr.

The West Brook Bruins football team won Friday's away non-conference game against St. Thomas Catholic by a score of 28-20.

Derek Kerstetter

The Reagan Rattlers football team won their away non-conference game at Hays 27 - 14.

LaMarcus Morton

The Gilmer Buckeyes take on Carthage tomorrow, Sat 9-17.

Thabo Mwaniki

Mwaniki and Denton Guyer were off this week.

Brendon Evers

Bixby defeated Putnam Central 56-20 in their...