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    Knowles leaving: edit nope!

    Well there is a Walmart there now and in the 70's my Sociology Prof smoked pot with us (class) and projected it (pot) would be legal in 2 years. We did get the Walmart, and now the legit stuff. Actually since Burns and Wife took control Stillwater has many cultural places' to visit. Hope we Do...
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    Jelani Woods

    You are probably right on all your posts, either I heard a long time ago or I'm dreaming this up - thought I heard he did not have a great pair of hands.
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    Cheese—It Bowl vs Miami 12/29 @4/30 pm

    The Game, 12/29/202 @ 4:40 CT, Most Future High School players are on " Winter Vacation" or some still doing virtually learning, so recruiting is still a play & on ESPN. Revenant, really - with Covid-19, nothing is revenant it seems, but these dudes, our oSu players, that fight through and do...
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    Cowboy Basketball: TCU defeats the Pokes (6-1) 77-76. Next up #11 TEXAS on SUNDAY

    You must be an X-Bond Girl Take a YEAR OFF Dude. Your family will really like you again. I got too involved years back, took a year off came back with better job, better vision. A though loss like tonight still hurts, it is no longer a gutting of the fish. Remember these are kids and these...
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    Cowboy Basketball: TCU defeats the Pokes (6-1) 77-76. Next up #11 TEXAS on SUNDAY

    Well, it is still 2020. Hit FTs and an easy win. All the other mumbo jumbo from grade school pseudo coaches on this post - geez folk ain't got no lives anymore. Eat candy or drink and feel better
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    Cowgirl Basketball 2020-21 Season

    Always be careful what you wish for, what is in your wallet to aid the program?
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    The bowl games thread

    really ,since '97 - that was your only bowl? Too bad for you
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    Chuba NFL bound

    Thanks Chuba, may the force be with you - always a Cowboy!