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    You can actually filed a separate withholding form for state taxes if you want. Almost any payroll system allows that for the very reason you describe. Talk to your HR/payroll department.
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    Big 12 Wrestling 2019-BOK Center Try that one. I just linked to it and there are tickets there.
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    Big 12 Wrestling 2019-BOK Center kn=17&ms=MjY5OTExMQS2&r=MTA0OTI0MDE4MTg3S0&b=0&j=NzAwMTE1NzU4S0&mt=1&rt=0 For those of you who don't already have tickets to the Big 12 Wrestling Tournament at the BOK Center, here is a link to a PreSale good thru 10:00 pm tonight. Offer Code: INSIDER...